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EnhanceTV :: Video Download :: HACK LIVE On Body Obsession

HACK LIVE On Body Obsession
HACK LIVE On Body Obsession 
*Adult Themes, Coarse Language*

*This program contains content that may concern some viewers*

Following the breakout success of 2HIGH and 2SEXY, ABC2 in collaboration with triple j, will spend a week undressing our national obsession with the body. With factual programming from Australia and around the world, covering topics from body building, to steroid use, to labiaplasty, to eating disorders and body dysmorphia, we'll examine why our shape is so tied to our happiness, and what social media and the explosion of the selfie is doing to our self confidence. Across the triple j network, discussions will get under the skin of what's driving our fixation.

At the heart of the week will be Hack Live on Body Obsession, where Tom Tilley will explore in a live TV event our fixation with shape. Are we too obsessed or not obsessed enough? Social media and the internet have changed the game when it comes to selfies and self image, so just what affect is it having on young Australians today. What does an honest conversation about body obsession look like? It's time to find out.

Australians are image obsessed. Whether it's sharing an Instagram about their latest exercise feat or spending countless hours at the gym, many young Australians are working towards the perfect body. For many that's positive but for some it goes too far. It takes over their life and endangers the very body they're honing to perfection. This can lead to eating disorders and steroid abuse.

On the flipside, Australians are among the fattest people on Earth with seven out of ten males either overweight or obese and women not far behind. How does body obsession affect a nation that is increasingly either too buff or too big? triple j's Hack host Tom Tilley moderates a live television event and social media experience to find out whether Australians are too obsessed with their bodies.


triple j & Essential Media

Duration (mins) 60
Date of broadcast 15/3/2016
Time of Broadcast 21:35
Channel ABC2
Price: AUD19.50
including GST


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