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EnhanceTV :: Video Download :: Inside The Court Of Henry VIII

Inside The Court Of Henry VIII
Inside The Court Of Henry VIII 
Henry VIII is the most iconic king of English history. Once Europe's most promising and enlightened prince, he squandered Britain's riches on futile wars, and tore apart the centuries-old religious certainties of his people. Decades of religious persecution and bloodshed would follow his reign, just as tens of thousands of people were executed as a direct result of both his policies and his personal vendettas. Inside the Court of Henry VIII pulls back the veil to expose the vicious rivalries and conspiracies that characterised his court, where a new breed of man could gain power.

The court was no longer only a place for nobles as once it had been. Two men in particular, Thomas Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell, a butcher's son and a blacksmith's son, would rise to great heights. But as easily as Henry could elevate a man-he could cut him down. Journey back into this remarkable story, visit the castles and palaces where Henry lived, and hear expert insight to better understand the reign of Henry VIII.

Duration (mins) 60
Date of broadcast 13/12/2015
Time of Broadcast 20:30
Price: AUD19.50
including GST


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