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EnhanceTV :: Video Download :: Icons of Power: The Madness of Henry VIII: Ep 1 Of 5

Icons of Power: The Madness of Henry VIII: Ep 1 Of 5
Icons of Power: The Madness of Henry VIII: Ep 1 Of 5 
King Henry VIII of England had everything any man could ever desire. But he blew it all for the sexual favours of Ann Boleyn, a tart-tongued, two-timing, power-hungry gold-digger. King Henry's descent into obsession, violence and brutality went far beyond mere infatuation with Anne Boleyn. Henry wielded power like an axe, to persecute and kill those who didn't meet his needs or back his personal interpretation of God's will. Explore the hidden truth of the mania that spawned Henry's degeneration from pious poster-boy for absolute monarchy to an obese, serial wife-killer and a grotesque caricature of the evils of unchecked power and egotism.

Duration (mins) 60
Date of broadcast 3/12/2015
Time of Broadcast 16:30
Channel The History Channel
Price: AUD19.50
including GST


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