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  EnhanceTV Podcast


In EnhanceTV’s podcasts, we interview a range of educators about different aspects of teaching with TV. The interviews are 5-10 minutes long and aim to give practical advice, experienced insight, as well as raise awareness of issues. Filmmakers are also interviewed about their program and how it relates to the educators. The podcast music, "Scrabble"is courtesy of The Expert Sleepers. Interviews are conducted by Georgia Blain.


How to listen, or subscribe to Podcast

To listen to EnhanceTV’s audio files you may either click on the following link to listen directly on your computer or follow the links to subscribe to the podcast through your podcasting software. To subscribe to the podcasts, cut and paste the following URL into your podcasting software. http://www.enhancetv.com.au/podcast/podcast.xml. You will need Quicktime.


  Audio Files

Dr Rob from Scope
Recorded July 09

Dr Rob, presenter of SCOPE (Network Ten’s fast paced, fun and informative science show for kids from 8 to 12), discusses what he thinks are the keys to making science fun and interesting for kids, and gives tips for teachers looking for more information to help them teach science


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Forecast for Disaster - Black Saturday
Recorded May 09

Dick Whitaker, senior meterologist with the Weather Channel talks about the program Forecast for Disaster: The Weather Behind Black Saturday and why learning about the weather is important for students.


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Lost in Flanders - with Michael Molkentin
Recorded May 09

History teacher Michael Molkentin, who explored the Australian soldiers’ wartime experience in Belgium, talks about how he became part of Lost in Flanders and what the key points are in the program that will engage students. Michael suggests what kind of exercises he would do with students prior to (and after) viewing to help them get the most out of the documentary.


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Studying "Rogue Nation"
Recorded - Mar 09

Bob Lewis, author of ATOM’s Rogue Nation study guide discusses the approach Rogue Nation takes to tackling our history, and some interesting ideas for exercises students can do prior to viewing the programs; about some of the key ideas in that teachers should be discussing with students; and the kind of exercises that work in helping students understand these ideas.


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Studying "Gruen Transfer"
Recorded - Mar 09

Interview with Marguerite O’Hara, author of ATOM’s Gruen Transfer study guides. Marguerite discusses some of the class exercises as well as her insights for the programs.


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Become a part of history
Recorded - Mar 09

Australian producer, Ian Collie talks about the The Making of Modern Australia, a vibrant documentary series to be screened on ABCTV. As both a broadband project and TV series, this vibrant history program will be an unofficial people’s history, with individuals and families sharing their stories of life in Australia since 1945.


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