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As a non-profit, EnhanceTV curates the best of Broadcast TV to safely deliver you the most relevant curriculum-linked videos.

What people say about

“A huge supply of video resources is now at our fingertips, via personal logins accessed quickly by filtered searching or from saved playlists. We are keen to discover all that EnhanceTV has to offer in our teaching and learning programs across the school.”

Jenny Henderson, Teacher Librarian - Bowral Public School

“Our school has found EnhanceTV to be an excellent service for both teachers and students, with extensive resources on the site. The platform is really easy to use and access on all devices. It’s our number one source to go to and we are very confident in what you deliver. Compared to all the competitors it’s a no-brainer!”

John Mullins, ICT Manager, North Geelong Secondary College

“Our school uses EnhanceTV because it is great value as well as great content, especially within the science and humanities subjects.”

Natasha Mudie, Principal, Murrayville Community College

Key Features

Upload videos

Upload videos

Store your video content on the EnhanceTV platform


Create your own quiz or use one from our library
Study guides

Study guides

Video study guides that engage students
Engage your students in learning
Topic collections

Topic collections

Narrow your search with 10-20 useful programs on a specific topic


Maintain student attention with short 30sec-10min clips


Connect EnhanceTV to student and learning management systems


Safe for young learners

EnhanceTV provides a safe space for children to view videos teachers trust. Our content is classified according to Australian guidelines and account administrators have control over which classification can be watched by each year level. EnhanceTV even enables you to share clips of scenes you've vetted where the full video may not be appropriate for younger students.

We keep it simple

Your IT staff don't need to install additional software. Your librarians don't need to manage our catalog. All subscribers have access to the entire collection. Whether you're an individual teacher or represent an entire school, you could be watching EnhanceTV in only a few moments from now. We provide seamless, immediate and ongoing access to videos. All you need is a browser.

We have a diverse library

EnhanceTV has built a media collection to meet the diverse teaching and research needs of students, teachers, and academics. Share documentaries that help illustrate theoretical principles. Source popular culture texts and current affairs show for critical analysis. Let arts and lifestyle shows inspire your students' creative work.

Foster independent learning

Our curated content helps students explore the topics they're studying in greater depth. Follow links to other episodes in the same series or task them with a quiz or study guide. You can encourage students to conduct independent research on our site safe in the knowledge your school's classification preference has been applied.

Support creators and classrooms

When you join EnhanceTV, you are not only getting the best educational broadcast content, you're also supporting the storytellers who create it. Our parent company Screenrights is administered by the government to provide broadcast TV access for educational purposes. In turn, they pay the program creators royalties for classroom viewership, supporting storytellers to continue making great educational content.

Discover learning resources

In providing curriculum-linked content, numerous programs come with additional resources to support lesson planning. This includes interactive quizzes, topical collections, study guides, scripts, worksheets, and printables. We understand teachers require active, not passive learning. We support lower to higher-order thinking to better serve your lesson plans.