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All subscription plans come with safe and licensed access to the very best in educational programs

Frequently Asked Questions
What is EnhanceTV?
EnhanceTV is a not-for-profit video resource centre with tens of thousands of programs recorded from Australian television. The service is available to teachers at those Australian educational institutions that have Screenrights licences. Please visit our about us page to learn more about who we are and what we offer.
I am a homeschooler/not a teacher/located outside of Australia. Can I subscribe to EnhanceTV?
Unfortunately, Australian licensing restrictions mean you are unable to subscribe to the service if you are a homeschooler, not a teacher or are located outside of Australia. Staff members at Australian educational institutions are eligible to subscribe to EnhanceTV if their school has a Screenrights licence. Subscribers must register using an email account issued by that institution. You can learn more about the educational licence on the Screenrights website.
I am a student. Can I subscribe?
Please check with your school's librarian or a teacher if you are a student and want to access EnhanceTV. Students are unable to subscribe to the service as individuals but you may be able to access EnhanceTV if your school already has a subscription.
How many videos can I watch with a free account?
Free account users can watch two videos per calendar month. From 6pm to 12am Monday to Friday, the weekends and school holidays there are no restrictions on the number of videos you can watch Subscribers with individual paid teacher accounts have unlimited video views as well as access to our full range of features, including quizzes, collections, study guides and LTI integration. A school account gives an institution's teachers and students unlimited access to EnhanceTV's content and features, including the use a single sign-on authentication and analytics. Further Information.
* NEW CUSTOMERS include individual teachers who have not had an active subscription with EnhanceTV, including access to the EnhanceTV service as a user of a whole school subscription, within the past 12 months.
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