Habitats and features of living things
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Living things live in all different types of habitats. In this playlist, you'll learn what a habitat is and the different types of habitats there are, along with which animals reside in each of the habitats.
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23:56 | Science


Hydro Habitats  |  Eleven

Hydro Habitats: Some animals live in trees, others on land but a vast majority of them live in the stuff that covers 70% of our planet's surface. That's right, on this episode of SCOPE we explore the aquatic world of hydro habitats! We head out to Victoria's largest national marine park, we catch up with some dolphins and we learn all about the bizarre breeding habits of coral! Wilson's Prom: Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park is the largest in Victoria and as Dr Steffan Howe and Dan Ierodiaconou from Parks Victoria and Deakin University explain, the remarkable reefs and colourful coral here rival that of the Great Barrier Reef! Dolphin Sanctuary: Pollution can have a devastating effect on our marine ecosystem. But as Marianna Boorman from the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group explains, these effects can be reversed and marine life can return to a previously inhospitable environment. DIY Science - Water Filter: Clean water isn't hard to come by in a country like Australia, but what if we didn't have access to clean water? Well we'd have to use a filter! Join junior scientist Alexi as he tries out several different water filters to find the most efficient way of making dirty water clean! Coral Spawning: Coral reefs are essential to the health of a marine ecosystems. So understanding how they reproduce is vital! Join Dr Christopher Doropoulos from the CSIRO as he walks us through the bizarre breeding habits of coral! Clownfish Conservation: Meet Anita Nedosyko from Flinders University, she's developed a captive breeding program for Clownfish that is helping conserve their populations in the wild! So join Lee in the lab as the ordinary becomes extraordinary under the SCOPE!

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