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Ngarrarndirrarjena  |  Season 1  |  Episode 2  |  Disney Channel

Sometimes you're in a situation for which there is no simple word, like when your ball gets stuck in a tree and you need to kick it to get the ball to fall. Right? Wrong! Anindilyakwa, a language from far north Northern Territory, has a perfect word just for that. It's 'ngarrarndirrarjena'. Now you just need to learn how to pronounce it right! Suggested classroom activities Turn and talk: When have you got something stuck up a tree? What was it? How did you get it down? Phonics: How many syllables can you hear in the word 'ngarradirrajena'? Clap the sounds to break it up and see how many syllables you can hear: ng-arr-arn-dirr-a-je-na. Art and design: Draw or paint a tree that needs shaking to get something down from it! Describe your artwork to a friend. Geography: Find the Northern Territory on a map of Australia. Professional learning for teachers Reflecting on the issues raised in this video and applying that knowledge to your teaching may count towards your teacher-identified hours of professional learning. Spread the Word informs AITSL focus areas 1.4 (strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students) and 2.4 (understand and respect Indigenous people to promote reconciliation). Consider the ways you can incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into your teaching and think about the way past injustices have impacted upon generations of Indigenous people. Visit for information on logging teacher-identified PD.

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