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4:56 | Published 3 months ago

Extinction report

May 14, 2019  |  ABC ME

Extinction Report A new report has been released with some bad news for the creatures we share the planet with. It says more than a million of the world's species are at risk of extinction. It says that's worse than at any other time in human history, and it's mostly our fault. We look at what's at risk, why it's happening and what can be done. Ask Annabel Election Special (Part Three) With the election just around the corner, political expert Annabel Crabb answers some more questions from kids about voting and the political process. Royal Rule There have been a few big stories in the news recently featuring royalty. In the UK there was a new royal baby, Japan got a new emperor and in Thailand the new king was coronated. We look a bit closer at the tradition of royalty and find out where royals still reign and why. Instagram Likes Instagram is trialling a big change that could eventually have a big impact on social media. It's going to hide the number of likes that photos and videos have. The idea is to stop the app being used to judge people's popularity, which can have a big effect on people's mental health. We look at how "likes" can affect young people and find out what kids think about the changes. Sausage Sizzle history We finish this week's show with a fun look at an Australian election tradition; the "democracy sausage". Sausage sizzles have been a part of elections in Australia for a long time and Jack explores their interesting history.

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