49:26 | Geography

Coast Australia

West Coast of Tasmania  |  Season 4  |  Episode 2  |  The History Channel

The West Coast of Tasmania, once renowned and feared as one of the most isolated areas on the planet holds fascinating evidence of sedentary rather than nomadic aboriginal life. European isolation gave way to the establishment of the earliest and most remote penal settlements where convicts felt like they were truly sent to the end of the earth. As pioneering settlements began dotting the coastline, isolation gave way to enterprise and this stretch has been responsible for world leading inventions and pursuits. With a coastline carved by some of nature's strongest winds, the West Coast of Tasmania has some of the most dramatic landscapes in Australia. Emma boards the CSIRO's new high-tech floating lab the RV Investigator en route to the Great Southern Abyss to discover what lies beneath the deep - Tasmania is home to more Victoria Cross medals per-capita than any other state in Australia, Neil uncovers the story of some of Australia's bravest soldiers - Tim reflects on the plight of thousands of convicts banished to the end of the earth and how their captive pursuits supported a burgeoning timber industry - Dean discovered unearthly creatures in the temperate waters off the southern coast while Alice Garner revisits the controversial Gordon Franklin River where protests overcame the nation and how the protection of the river system ultimately changed the Australian Constitution.

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