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  EnhanceTV - Help -Video Downloads

Who can order a video download?

As is the case with all video product, video downloads can only be ordered by premium members (premium members are those who are purchasing on behalf of an Australian Educational Institution which has a current copying licence with Screenrights).

All new members and existing premium members will have to be verified by EnhanceTV staff before purchasing a video download for the first time. This may involve contacting your institution to confirm your status. Once your status has been approved, you will receive an email letting you know that you may order video downloads.

I am an existing member, how will this affect me?

In order to be able to order a download product, existing members need to log in and ‘modify their profile’ There are a few extra details that need to be filled in regarding your institution. Once you have saved your changes it may take up to one business day for you to receive an email confirming that you are approved to order download product. In the meantime, you will still be able to order free products, like study guides, feature articles and teaching topics.

How does the video download order process work?

The process for ordering a video download is similar to ordering a study guide. Once you have purchased your video download and proceeded to the checkout you will be sent an email containing a link to the video download file. Clicking on the link will initiate the download process. It is important to access and download the file with the link provided on the same day as purchase as the link expires at midnight on day of purchase.

What happens if the download process doesn’t work?

EnhanceTV suggests that you download our free ‘test’ file Video Download Test File (30mb). This will ensure that the download process works for you and that you are able to play the files before you make a purchase.

What format is the video download file?

The video download file is an MPEG4 compressed using H264 codec.

I cannot play the file?

If you cannot play the file you may need a codec. Install the free codec(For Mac and Windows) at www.divx.com

Can I convert the file

You can convert the file. Pazera will convert MP4 files to AVI.

Is there any additional software needed to download or play the file?

Most personal computers have video viewer software included. After downloading the file you should be able to play it using programs such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player.

What is the file size of a video download?

The file size depends on the duration of the program. A thirty-minute program, for example, would be approximately 200 megabytes in size.

What payment methods do you accept?

Either credit card, purchase order or gift certificate.

Are there any requirements with regard to the use of the video download file?

The video download file may be treated the same way as any copy made from a broadcast by a licensed educational institution.  For more information with regard to your licence, please visit http://www.screenrights.org

Can I make a copy of the video download file?

Yes, provided the copy is made for the teaching purposes of your institution.

Can the video download file be placed into a content management system?

Yes, you may store, access and play purchased video download files using digital management systems such as Clickview and Digital Video Commander (DVC).

Can the video download file be put onto DVD?

Yes, however if you would like to make the DVD you will need to run it through MovieMaker (Microsoft users) or iMovie (Mac users).


Video Download Process

Applying for video download permissions

Before you begin ordering your first video download, please make sure you have been approved as a licensed institution.

Even if you’ve previously been approved as a DVD customer it’s best to double check – especially if you’ve never downloaded a program from us before – because some of our conditions have changed.

It’s easy to do – just login to your profile and have a look at your membership form. You might be automatically sent to your profile page at login, but if not, you can get there by clicking “Modify profile”, on the right side of your screen in the “Your Cart” menu option.

Fill in institution details

To approve your membership we need to know your institution details. If this section of the form is blank, please fill it in and submit. Then we’ll send you an email when you’re approved to order.

To fast track the approval process we recommend using your school email account and billing address.

What’s Next?

To familiarise yourself with downloads before your first order please try our free test file. Also if you are using a content management system try uploading the file into it.

When you order a download program, we’ll automatically email you a link to the download.

For individual episodes the link expires at midnight the same day you place your order.

For series downloads, links are only activated when you click on the individual episode.

Make sure you save your file to your computer. Create a folder to save your download files, or just save to your desktop and move the file later.


Different Content Management Systems

DVC Users

Before you open DVC make sure your file is saved. Once you have done this open DVC and select FILE from the top menu option, then on the drop down menu, select IMPORT MEDIA FILE.


The OPEN box will appear. You will then need to navigate to the location of your file on the computer.

When you have found the file, click on it, then select Open. The DVC IMPORT FILE window will appear and continue with the save process.



Clickview users

 If you would like to put the programs into your Clickview system you will need to convert the file from an mp4 to an AVI file.

Please refer to Clickview support instructions, by clicking on the link below:-


For more information about video downloads, please refer to our FAQs.

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