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EnhanceTV endorses the following organisations, and is proud to receive their endorsement:

ATOM   The Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) is an independent, non-profit, professional association promoting the study of media and screen literacy. The membership of ATOM includes teachers and lecturers from across all subject disciplines at all levels of education. Amongst its many activities, ATOM publishes Screen Education, Metro Magazine, study guides; and hosts the annual EnhanceTV ATOM Awards .
ETA   The English Teachers' Association of NSW is a professional association of teachers committed to stimulating teaching and learning in English. Our purpose is to support members through the provision of professional development of teachers and advocacy in the interests of ensuring the quality and appropriateness of the experience of English for students.
VATE   The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE) is a professional body established to promote the interests of English education and to allow English educators in Victoria to exchange ideas. It brings together teachers in government, Catholic and independent schools, as well as tertiary educators and pre-service teachers.
ASTA   The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) is a federation of the eight state and territory science teacher associations of Australia. We promote and support the profession of science teaching through the provision of resources, professional learning opportunities for teachers and advocating for science at the national level.
elit   e:lit - the Primary English Teaching Association is the national professional association for primary school teachers. Our aim is to improve the literacy of Australian children across all subjects and media by supporting educators with practical, classroom oriented professional development and resources.
SCIS   SCIS (Schools Catalogue Information Service) was created with the aim of providing schools with access to a database of consistent catalogue records created according to agreed national standards, in order to reduce the cost and duplication of effort of cataloguing resources in schools. Since its inception, SCIS has been responsible for improving the quality and consistency of cataloguing materials for schools.
SPAA   The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) is the industry body that represents independent film, television and new media production in Australia.
SPAA Fringe  

SPAA Fringe is an event hosted by the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) and was designed to introduce up and coming filmmakers to the professional industry. It is the most practical and interactive film event in Australia.

screenhub   Screen Hub is the daily online newspaper for professionals working in Australia and New Zealand's film and television industries.
Copyright   Neighbour’s stars Natalie Blair and Sam Clark went back to school to help launch a film & TV copyright program for one million Australian school students. They have joined forces with IPAF to launch “Nothing Beats the Real Thing!” which aims to help students understand and respect film and television copyright.
IPAF   The Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation Limited (IPAF) serves to promote the value of the film & TV industry by raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of intellectual property and its role in society. IPAF’s education and awareness campaigns rely on messaging aimed to motivate a change in attitudes and behaviour to reduce public demand for illegal copies of film and TV programs.
AFACT   AFACT works closely with industry, government, police and educational institutions to address copyright theft and protect the interests of the film and television industry as well as the interests of Australian movie fans. AFACT acts on behalf of the 50,000 Australians and small businesses under threat from copyright theft, including independent cinemas, video rental stores and film and television producers across the country.
dvc   DVC is a content management and distribution system incorporating many other features and benefits. Not only does DVC store, manage and play your video and other content, it also provides other features and technologies such as: video editing, digital signage, camera management, networked control, free content package and so much more. Invest today in a technology backbone for your school.
clickview   ClickView allows teachers to utilise video in the classroom without worrying about booking DVDs, VHS tapes and televisions. ClickView is a complete digital video solution that allows administrators to manage video, record from Free-to-air television, add a huge amount of video via ClickView’s digital video libraries, and store all of it in one location. Teachers and students can then simultaneously view any of these videos from every computer in the school or from their home.


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