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 Editorial Policy
The purpose of EnhanceTV is to:
  1. Focus on film and television content that is relevant to Australian educational institutions.
  2. Promote film and television titles as educational resources.
  3. Inform educators of upcoming educational television programs to be broadcast on free-to-air and pay television.
  4. Facilitate access to film and television titles.
  5. Provide educators with access to resources, supplementary to film and television titles, that assist them to apply these titles to their curriculum.
  6. Inform educators of Screenrights services.

EnhanceTV is primarily a service for educators in Australia, although anyone can download the free material. Almost all Australian schools, tertiary institutions and TAFEs have a Screenrights licence, enabling them to copy and communicate television and radio broadcasts for their educational purposes.

Whilst much of the content accessible on EnhanceTV is relevant to Australian school students, the site is aimed at educators and teachers from a range of educational institutions. Some of the material included on EnhanceTV will be suited to students of higher education and therefore may not be appropriate for or relevant to school age students. We suggest that material obtained through EnhanceTV be reviewed prior to using it in the classroom or educational setting. We also recommend that a teacher supervise all use of EnhanceTV by students.

Content Selection & Placement
The EnhanceTV editor determines content placement by educational value and relevance to Australian educational curricula. Film and television titles are deemed educational if they have relevance to Australian or New Zealand educational curricula and comply with the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification Standards. The Editor endeavours to consider all material supplied by content and data providers for possible inclusion in EnhanceTV. However, film and television content providers, may nominate a resource or film and television title for our consideration. Editorial decisions comply with the stated purposes of EnhanceTV.
Content Selection
  • EnhanceTV looks to provide content across a range of learning areas and education levels.
  • EnhanceTV selects titles based on the balance of content appearing each day.
Content Categorisation
EnhanceTV is aimed at an audience from a range of learning levels including, primary and secondary school education, universities and TAFEs. For this reason, EnhanceTV content is classified into general learning areas, including: Business & Economics, Current Affairs, English, Geography & Nature, Health PE PD, History, Hospitality & Tourism, Indigenous Studies, K-6, Languages, Legal Studies, Mathematics, Media Studies, Performing Arts, Politics & Government, Religious Studies, Science & Technology, Society & Culture and Visual Arts & Design. Categorisation of website content is up to the sole discretion of the Editor.

Enhance TV aims to ensure a fair balance of opinion in order to present educators with an impartial view of the issues or topics that our editorial content focuses on. Accordingly, the Enhance TV Editor will not deliberately favour one view over another or one program over another. Further, any reference to a person or organisation in no way implies any endorsement by Enhance TV of the programs, products or services provided by that person or organisation. Any recommendations of programs and other views or opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the recommendations, views and opinions of the Editor, Enhance TV, its related bodies corporate or their respective employees. Furthermore, some material available on Enhance TV is the result of multiple authors or contributors and does not necessarily represent the consensus of the individuals involved.

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