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“If you see something on TV you know it’s going to be on EnhanceTV Direct. It’s a quick, accessible and easy to use service. The immediacy is great and the range of subjects is very broad. It’s a really valuable tool.”See Case Studies

Sue Torr, Macarthur Girls High School, Parramatta, NSW

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At EnhanceTV we’re passionate about making educational content easily available to Australian schools - which is why we created EnhanceTV Direct.

  • You don't need storage or hardware, just an internet-connected device.
  • Increase your school’s iLibrary by over 20,000 high quality programs from broadcast TV, growing weekly.
  • Our archive of current and past documentaries, dramas, movies, current affairs (and the list goes on!), is curated and instantly accessed within in a student-safe environment.
  • Be rest assured that every program is ad-free and chosen for its education and age suitability.
  • EnhanceTV is brought to you by the not-for-profit Screenrights, bringing educators and filmmakers together.
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Bring your lessons to life

Perfect for whole-classroom learning via streaming to IWB, or flip your class. Students can access and watch the program/clip from home via the internet.

It’s easy to create clips and combine them from multiple programs to make your own learning materials.

Over 900 study guides, lesson plans and sample projects for your inspiration.

You can choose to give students their own access for research and self-directed learning, or only share the material you want them to see.

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Using is believing

The best way to experience how EnhanceTV Direct adds to your students’ learning experience, is by taking up our free three-month trial.

After that, there are two annual subscription options. Both give you unlimited usage for one flat fee (ex GST):

EnhanceTV Direct - Junior

Student access is limited to only material shared with them by a teacher. Students do not have access to search the archive, create projects and clips or share content.


per student

EnhanceTV Direct

Provides both teachers and students with unlimited access to search for and view material, create projects and clips and share content.


per student

“I’d rather the students be on EnhanceTV Direct than Googling because I know the chaff has been sifted out and that everything on it is OK for them to be watching. I can recommend it with confidence.”See Case Studies

Debbie Hunter, Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane, QLD

Create richer lessons with ease

“The big thing for me – and I have had experience with other systems – was finding a service that would do the recording for us, host the servers so it would not have an impact on our IT people and be cost effective.”See Case Studies

Ruth Jorm, Canberra College, Woden Campus, ACT

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