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EnhanceTV Direct - Help

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About EnhanceTV Direct

What is the difference between EnhanceTV and EnhanceTV Direct?

EnhanceTV provides information about programs and individual copies of broadcast television programs in download form via its online store http://www.enhancetv.com.au

EnhanceTV Direct is a web based streaming application that provides access to the entire archive for those schools that choose an annual subscription to the service.

Is EnhanceTV Direct available to all educational institutions?

All Australian schools can purchase the EnhanceTV Direct service. Australian tertiary institutions can purchase this service via Informit EduTV, a collaboration between RMIT Publishing and EnhanceTV. For more details, please email Informit EduTV or visit their website.

Pricing and Availability

What are the set up costs for EnhanceTV Direct?

You can elect to trial EnhanceTV Direct free for 3 months per school. If you elect an annual subscription, the cost is the number of enrolled students x $3.65 (ex GST).

Are various subscription options available?

Combined schools may elect to subscribe either their primary school (K – 6) or secondary school (7 -12) or both. Subscriptions are based on the number of full time equivalent students.

What payments methods are available?

Schools may choose to pay by cheque, direct debit or credit card over the phone.

Will our institution be notified if our subscription is about to expire?

Yes. You will be contacted 30 days prior to the expiration of your subscription/trial.

Using EnhanceTV Direct

Can I save or upload content to other video management systems?

No. EnhanceTV Direct is a streaming only service.

How do I create various login accounts for my institution?

Each school nominates a person to act as the Administrator. The Administrator is able to easily add student and teacher users via the web interface and reset passwords if necessary.

Can students view all available content?

Students are only able to view content that is shared to them by a teacher. Students are not able to browse the entire archive. Teachers may share content by sending a link via email to students or by posting a link on an intranet or a learning management system such as Moodle. There is no limit on the amount of programs that teachers can share with their students.

Administrators may also restrict the programs available for students to view according to ratings provided by the Australian Classification Board. If a student account is designated as ‘restricted’ they are unable to view programs other than those classified as G or PG.

Are all EnhanceTV programs available through EnhanceTV Direct?

There are currently 11,500 programs available via EnhanceTV Direct and the archive is growing by between 50 and 100 programs per week. This accounts for around 75% of the programs currently available within the EnhanceTV store.

The archive contains programs dating back to the late 1990s. In 2010 EnhanceTV began making programs available from its archive for online distribution. Currently, all content recorded by EnhanceTV is made available for online distribution.

After a program is broadcast when is it available through EnhanceTV Direct?

Usually, programs become available within 3 to 5 days of broadcast.

Can I save study guides to my computer or do they remain in EnhanceTV Direct?

Yes. You may freely download study guides.


I’m having trouble playing the files, what should I do?

First try visiting http://direct.enhancetv.com.au/player_access_test.php

Once the page has loaded, play the video. If the video won't play, there might be an issue with either your firewall or proxy server settings. Please contact us once you have completed this test if you are still experiencing issues. The information will be useful in assisting us to diagnose the problem.

Is there any additional software and/or hardware required to access EnhanceTV Direct?

No. EnhanceTV Direct is accessed via a browser on any internet enabled computer including tablets such as iPads. 

How do I view the demonstration video in full size on a Mac?

1. Update Flash Player to the lastest version by visiting adobe.com
2. Update Safari to the lastest version - version 6 needed.
3. Right click on the video and select About HTML 5
4. You will be taken to a page indicating you are using HTML 5 to view videos
5. On the Youtube page displayed is an Opt out of HTML 5 Youtube videos button
6. Click the button to opt out
7. Return to the EnhanceTV page and there should be the button to go to full screen.

Minimum Requirements

Click here for minimum requirements.


Click here for FAQs from our webinar Feb 2012.

Content Owners Information

To learn more about why EnhanceTV Direct was launched, how it works, how filmmakers benefit, and other useful information for rightsholders, please download the InfoSheet.




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