Volcanoes transform the planet's surface
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Explore the world of volcanoes and how molten rock and plate tectonics shape and reshape Earth. Share the knowledge of these powerful geological forces with this collection of clips and documentaries.
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3:30 | Published 8 years ago

When 'sleeping' volcanoes erupt


PAKISTAN AID Why do people donate money to some disasters over others? The Pakistan floods have been described by the UN as the worst natural disaster of recent times. So far, the aid effort hasn't reflected that. BtN examines the reasons why. SLEEPING VOLCANOES A volcano in Indonesia has erupted for the first time in four hundred years. Thousands of people and animals have evacuated the island, after volcanic ash and black smoke shot hundreds of metres into the air. We examine how volcanoes erupt and look back at history's most famous volcano Mt Vesuvius, which destroyed the city of Pompeii. MATCH FIXING Cricket has been hit by a betting scandal with the Pakistani team facing claims of match fixing. It's alleged that some players were paid to deliberately mess up in a game. It's related to something called micro betting. What is it, and how can cricket recover from this latest scandal? PRIZE COWS You only have to read Jack and the Beanstalk to realise that cows can earn you a tidy profit - even if it is in magic beans! We investigate the big business behind prize cows and get some tips from the kids who travel the country showing their livestock. REAL WRESTLING When you think of wrestling, you probably imagine WWE. That's the glitzy entertainment side of wrestling which features a whole heap of weird and wonderful characters. While that's fun, wrestling can also be a serious sport. We find out what it takes to be a real wrestler.

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