The Inbestigators Season One
Critical Thinking Ethical understanding Personal and Social Capability
Every episode of the Inbestigators Season One with easy to differentiate accompanying classroom activities, perfect for middle and upper primary students. This program covers topics such as friendship, bullying, relationships, trust, loss and more. Great for developing personal and social capabilities and critical thinking skills.
14:43 | Personal and social capability

The Inbestigators

The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge  |  Season 1  |  Episode 6  |  ABC Me

When Ben mounts a competition to see who can fit a very large biscuit in their mouth like he can, Maudie is suspicious. Lesson Theme: Fitting in and making friends Ben tries to impress the kids in his class but he ends up deceiving them. Turn and talk: In a group of two or three, discuss why Ben has trouble making friends. Share your experiences of starting at a new school or trying to make friends in a new environment. Why do we sometimes try to impress people when we first meet them? What are some other ways of making friends in a new environment? Role Play: With a partner, pretend you have never met each other before! Ask each other questions and listen to the answers without interrupting at all. Games: Tell the class three things about you, but make one of them a lie. See if they can guess which one is a lie! Getting to know you treasure hunt; make a list of ten descriptions of a person and then find someone in the class for each description eg; has a sister, has lived in another country, has never tried broccoli, loves to dance, can play the piano etc etc. Extension activity: Design your own coat of arms. Create a coat of arms with 4 images that represent you. Make your unique design into a real coat of arms using paper, coloured pencils or markers and glue onto cardboard to make it strong like a shield.

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