The digital age for primary students
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With the rise of new technologies ever wondered how they work or what impact they have on individuals? Find all about the rise of technologies through this great playlist.
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24:07 | Science


Digital Tech  |  Eleven

Technology is all around us and it's constantly changing, so join Dr Rob for a techno refresher! We find out how a head band full of tech can tell us more about concussion, we delve into the past with a 3D scanner and we learn how nature can be used to inspire a drone design Brain Band: Dr Alan Pearce and Branden Wilson from Swinburne University and Cocreators have developed a device that monitors sports players and how hard they are hit while on the field to try and reduce the number of concussions in sport. 3D Scanned Tank: The Mephisto is a German tank from World War One - a piece of history that now lives here, in Australia. Chris Little, a 3D Forensic Researcher from Griffith University, is using 3D scanning technology to try and uncover what happened during the machine's final moments more than 100 years ago! DIY Science - Light Bulb: The first light bulbs were made from fossilised bamboo and a glass casing. But as Junior Scientists Madi and Lola explain, all you'll need today is an electric circuit, a couple of pencil refills and a mason jar! Unmanned Vessel: We catch up with Tenzin Crouch and Karl Sammut from Flinders University who have help to build an autonomous marine vessel. Flapping Wings Robot: When it comes to flying in the animal kingdom, one thing seems to be constant; flapping! Dr Sridhar Ravi from RMIT is trying to take the idea of flapping winged flight and implement it in drones! It's all covered on this technologically advanced episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

23:51 | Science


Healthy Science  |  Season 3  |  Episode 107  |  Eleven

Healthy Science: Open wide and say 'ahh' as Dr Rob feeds you you're weekly dosage of science with a prescribed episode of SCOPE! Dr Rob heads out of the bunker to visit Australia's first fully digital hospital, we check out a device that's turning tedious breathing exercises into an exciting tablet game and we explore the science behind healthy bones! Bionic Spine: Usually when you break a bone, your body can repair it in a couple of months. But when it comes to the spine, breaking a bone can rob someone of their ability to walk! That's why Dr Nick Opie and Gil Rind from the University of Melbourne are working on a device which could one day help paraplegics get back on their feet. Digital Hospital: What is a digital hospital? Dr Rob caught up with Dr Clair Sullivan from the Princess Alexandra Hospital to find out! Join him, as he finds out how this 21st century hospital made the transition from the tangible to the digital! DIY Science - Fake Snot: Snot is gross, but it plays an important role in the body's immune system! Join junior scientist Phoebe, as she whips up a batch of fake snot that has the same consistency and viscosity as the real thing! Cyber Gaming for Cystic Fibrosis: As you can imagine, an hour of repetitive breathing exercises every single day can become a tedious ordeal! But unfortunately, that's the fate that awaits the countless children living with cystic fibrosis. Elliot Smith from the University of Queensland has developed a device that turns these dreary breathing exercises into a fun video game! Bone Health: Your skeletal system is one of the most important parts of your body. And Paul Anderson and Jackson Ryan from the University of South Australia, are researching new ways to keep your bones in tip-top shape! All that and more on a very health-conscience episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

23:57 | Science


Food And Science  |  ELEVEN

Join Lee for a mouth-watering episode of SCOPE all about the science in food! We find out how stretchy cheese is, turn milk to plastic and learn what happens when you give lemurs carrots instead of bananas! Vertical Food Wall Most veggie gardens require a huge amount of time, effort and space. But as Marc Noyce from BIOFILTA explains, vertical food walls could be the future when it comes to home-grown produce! Flavour Creations Humans swallow around 900 times a day! But if you have dysphasia, swallowing can be a real problem, especially when it comes to eating! That's why Vaughan Gough from Flavour Creations has been designing thickened fluids for people with this disorder! Cheese Science Cheese comes in many different varieties, but not all cheeses are equal! As Michael Mazzonetto from the CSIRO explains, when it comes to cheese how it tastes is just the beginning! DIY Science - Plastic Milk Join junior scientists Ellie and Konrad as they turn milk into plastic! It's not a magic trick, it's just good science. Lemur Diet We catch up with Damien Lewis from Melbourne Zoo, as he replaces bananas with carrots in this lemur diet overhaul! Extrusion Snacks Chips, biscuits and lollies are all sometimes snacks! Svenja Beck from CSIRO is using an extrusion machine to try and transform snack foods into healthy treats. All that and more on a positively salivating episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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