Respectful relationships for primary students
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Resilience, rights and respectful relationships can be modelled at school to inform students about positive relationships at school, home and the world. Share this playlist that focuses on building positive relationships.
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24:30 | News and current affairs

Behind The News

25/06/2013  |  ABC

GENDER EQUALITY There's been a lot of recent media coverage on gender equality - mainly centred on how the media and others deal with Australia's female Prime Minister. But what is gender equality and why are so many people sensitive to the role of women in society? These days women can aspire to the highest office in the land but it wasn't always so. BTN goes back in history to uncover some surprising facts. G8 SUMMIT This week the leaders of the eight countries that make up the organisation known as G8 are meeting to discuss some pressing world issues - issues that they don't always agree on. BTN looks at what the G8 is and what it does. ANZAC STORY BTN meets some schoolkids who have been working on a fascinating project. They were each given the task of researching the life of an Australian Digger who fought in the First World War. Their research saw them travel to far way battlefields - and ultimately the soldiers' final resting place. FOOTY GIRLS Aussie Rules football is a sport that's very much dominated by men. But recently the women's league has been getting a bit more attention. BTN talks to a young player who reckons more girls should get involved. POPCORN A trip to the movies is a lot sweeter with a box of popcorn. It's been sold in cinemas for decades...but not all corn can produce popcorn. BTN meets a leading grower to find out where popcorn comes from and how it pops.

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