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August 27, 2019  |  ABC Me

Prime Minister Interview Scott Morrison visits the BTN studio for a one-on-one interview. We ask him a selection of questions sent in by our YouTube subscribers and Ask a Reporter audience, covering a range of topics, from the government’s environmental policy to the PM’s favourite superhero. Concussion Treatment Steve Smith has confirmed he won’t be playing in the third Ashes Test in the UK after getting a concussion in the second match in the series. We look at what a concussion is and why experts say Smith’s decision sends the right message to other sports people and to kids. Nuclear Tests Thursday is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests, which was set up 10 years ago by the United Nations to raise awareness about the effects of testing nuclear weapons. We look at the history of nuclear testing and the effect it’s had on people around the world, including here in Australia. Buying Territories The eyes of the world were on a Danish island in the Arctic this week after US President Donald Trump suggested that he’d be interested in buying Greenland. Denmark and Greenlanders themselves were quick to tell the president the territory is not for sale. But it’s not the first time the US has tried to buy the island. In fact, the US has a long history of buying other countries’ territories. Toilet Renovations If you think of the most exciting or pleasant room in your school, chances are it won’t be the toilets! But we find out about a project that’s aiming to change that. Its organisers are giving toilets make-overs so kids have a pleasant place to pee!

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