Fighting-fit females
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Wondering what sport you should introduce to your class next? Follow the adventures of these inspirational women and girls participating in a range of sports to get some ideas.
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2:34 | Published 2 years ago

AFLW players inspire girls to play footy


Bernardi's Party A South Australian Senator has controversially decided to leave the federal Liberal party - to start his own. Some say it's a good move, others say it's the wrong thing to do. But either way, Cory Bernardi isn't the first person to start a new political party. This week, we find out more about the political parties Australians have voted for in the past and what it takes to get a new one going. Clean Coal Australia is one of many countries around the world currently trying to cut carbon emissions. And last week, the Prime Minister announced that the government would soon look to 'clean coal' energy generation to help do that. But what is clean coal and can it really generate cleaner energy? We find out. TEACHING RESOURCES INCLUDED Learning Areas: Science / Science as a Human Endeavour / Use and influence of science" Scientific knowledge is used to solve problems and inform personal and community decisions Years 5 and 6 Science / Science Understanding / Earth and space sciences: Some of Earth's resources are renewable, but others are non-renewable Year 7 Science / Science as a Human Endeavour / Nature and development of science: Scientific knowledge has changed peoples' understanding of the world and is refined as new evidence becomes available Year 7 HASS / Knowledge and Understanding / Geography: The use and management of natural resources and waste, and the different views on how to do this sustainably Year 4 75th Anniversary Darwin Bombing There were a lot of life-changing events that happened during World War Two, but most happened far from Australia's shores. That was until the 19th of February 1942, when Darwin was bombed by Japanese forces. It became the single biggest attack on Australian soil. Next weekend is the 75th anniversary of that bombing, so we're going to take a look at what actually happened and how it affected our country. TEACHING RESOURCES INCLUDED Learning Areas: HASS / Inquiry and skills / Researching: Sequence information about people's lives, events, developments and phenomena using a variety of methods including timelines Years 5 and 6 Locate and collect relevant information and data from primary sources and secondary sources Years 5 and 6 HASS / Inquiry and skills / Questioning: Develop appropriate questions to guide an inquiry about people, events, developments, places, systems and challenges Years 5 and 6 HASS / Knowledge and Understanding / History: The contribution of individuals and groups to the development of Australian society since Federation Year 6 Women's Sport The new AFL women's league launched last weekend. Fans packed stadiums and nearly 900,000 people tuned in to watch the opening game. The AFL says it's great, not just for the league, but for women's sport in general. We talked to some of the stars of the new league and their young fans to find out what impact this success might have on girls considering sport as a career. Indigenous Art Installation Kids from the town of Parkes in New South Wales have helped to create a major piece of art. They recorded their voices in Wiradjuri, the traditional language of the area and then got to hear the results when the exhibition launched in Sydney.

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