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Discover engineering through a range of videos that cover aspects of design, modelling and problem solving while informing students about sustainability, safety and communication.
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24:07 | Science


Engineering The Future  |  Eleven

Engineering the Future We survey the scientific landscape and lay down a solid foundation of knowledge on this episode of SCOPE dedicated entirely to engineering! We explore Antarctica with a wind powered snow sail, find out what it takes to design a drone and take a closer look at the electric car chargers. Polar Sail: Most people visit the frozen continent of Antarctica to study its untouched landscape. But Charles Werb's reason for visiting was to sail across that landscape in a wind powered, self-reliant vehicle! Drone Designer: Drones come in all shapes and sizes! And as David Purser and Sam Prudden from RMIT explain that the way a drone is designed, built and tested can change drastically based on its purpose. DIY - Solar Motor: Our sun is a powerful source of energy. Join junior scientist Lachlan as he attempts to use some of that energy in the form of a model solar motor! Robotic Arm: Robots are designed to make our lives easier! And that's exactly what junior scientist Sarsha wants to do with her robotic arm which aims to help stroke victims with their rehabilitation! Electric Car Charger: A lot of things require charging these days; from phones, to laptops and now cars! Join Andrew Wilson from the University of Queensland as he walks you through some of the fastest car chargers in Australia! All that on more on a well-designed and structurally sound episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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