Climate change for secondary students
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Australia is addressing climate change and ensuring energy security and affordability. Find out more about the effects of climate change and how it is impacting your life.
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Cool Australia: climate change unit (years 9 and 10) (external) Climate Watch resources (external) Civics and Citizenship: Climate change resources (external)
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Behind the News

Paris Climate Withdrawal/Koala Concerns//Uluru Street View/Albinism/The BTN Welcome Book  |  ABC Me

Paris Climate Withdrawal Last week, the United States announced that it's pulling out of the Paris Agreement, a big plan designed to fight climate change. The news caused a massive reaction around the world. But what actually is the Paris Agreement and what might happen once the United States withdraws? Koala Concerns Scientists in New South Wales are worried about the effect rising sea levels and deforestation are having on Australia's koala population. We'll take a look at the latest research and find out what can be done to help this iconic Australian species. TEACHING RESOURCES INCLUDED Learning Areas - Science / Science Understanding / Biological sciences: Living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive Year 4 Living things have life cycles Year 4 Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment Year 5 The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment Year 6 Interactions between organisms, including the effects of human activities can be represented by food chains and food webs Year 7 Scientific knowledge has changed peoples' understanding of the world and is refined as new evidence becomes available Year 7 Uluru Street View For the first time, students will be able to virtually walk around Uluru, after Google's Street View site recently captured the massive rock in the heart of the Australia. The filming was done with permission and advice from local aboriginal elders and some sections of the rock weren't captured due to their cultural beliefs. Next week, we'll find out more about those beliefs and find out why this landmark holds such significance in this country. TEACHING RESOURCES INCLUDED Learning Areas - Science / Science Understanding / Earth and space science: Earth's surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity Year 4 Science / Science as a Human Endeavour / Use and influence of science: Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions Year 4 HASS / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / First contacts: The diversity of Australia's first peoples and the long and continuous connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Country/ Place (land, sea, waterways and skies) and the implications for their daily lives. Year 4 HASS / Geographical Knowledge and Understanding / Unit 1: Landforms and landscapes: The aesthetic, cultural and spiritual value of landscapes and landforms for people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Year 8 The different types of landscapes and their distinctive landform features Year 8 The ways of protecting significant landscapes Year 8 Albinism Next Tuesday is International Albinism Day. Albinism is a rare condition that only affects around 1000 Australians. One of them is 13 year old Xander. So we asked him to tell us all about it. The BTN Welcome Book - Cover Artist announced Last year, Behind the News asked all Australian kids to draw pictures of welcome for all of the young refugees and migrants that arrive here to start a new life. Incredibly, more than 12,000 of you took part. We then selected about 100 of those beautiful pictures to be printed into a special book. On the 20th of June, we will officially unveil the book that all of you helped create. And as thanks, we'll also post a free eBook version on our website for you to download and enjoy. But first, in next week's show, we will reveal the BTN Welcome Book's front cover design and introduce you to the talented young artist who drew it.

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