Bullying. No way! for primary students
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There is no space for bullying, whether it is in the playground, classroom or online. No way! View this collection, which deals with all aspects of bullying and how it can be prevented.
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Kids Helpline at school (external) Bullying no way resources (external) eSafety lesson plans (external) Tes anti-bullying resources (external) Scootle: ACPPS074 (external) DIgital citizenship curriculum (external)
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1:16 | Personal and social capability

Safer Internet Day


Celebrate Safer Internet Day by becoming more aware of cyberbullying.

24:29 | News and current affairs

Behind The News

2/04/2013  |  ABC

CANBERRA SHUFFLE The dust is still settling in Canberra after the explosive leadership spill involving Julia Gillard. Some of the plotters have either resigned or been sacked and some Gillard supporters have been promoted to the cabinet as a result. So what exactly is the cabinet? And what's the difference between a politician on the front bench and the back bench? CYPRUS BANKS Cyprus is in serious financial trouble. Its banks have had to close their branches and many people are likely to lose some of their savings. But how can a bank go broke? And why are the finances of this tiny country important to the rest of the world? CYBER BULLYING We take a look at a new approach to tackling cyber bullying. This program doesn't just target the bullies or the victims. Instead the focus is on bystanders and the role they can play in stopping cyber bullying. ILLEGAL SOUVENIRS Lots of us bring home souvenirs from holidays overseas to remind us about the great time we had. But did you know there are strict rules about what you're allowed to bring home? Tash visits an exhibition of some of the crazy things airports have collected over the years. LAWN BOWLS Have you ever played lawn bowls? You might think of it as a game that old people play but it's actually something that more and more young people are doing. We meet some up and coming young players.

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