Australia's unique flora and fauna
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Many of Australia's 1 million species of different animals and plants are unique to this part of the world. Get to know them a bit better with some of our favourite nature videos.
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Australia's platypus and echidna
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Nature Australia website (external) World wide flora and fauna Australia (external) ACTF resources: Exploring Australian flora and fauna (external) Hands on for habitat resource kit (external)
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24:00 | Science


Flora Fauna and Science  |  Eleven

From monkeys to marigolds, octopi to orchids they all fall under the banner of flora and fauna! Join Lee as she explores the life that populates the world around us. We analyse wombat wee, we track the largest fish in the ocean and find out what goes on behind the scenes in a museum! WOMBAT WEE: Alyce Swinbourne from the University of Queensland is helping wombats to breed in captivity by studying their wee. EUCALYPTUS OIL: Larry Turner from Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil's show us how they bottle this unique oil through the scientific process of distillation! WHALE SHARK TRACKING: They've been around since the Jurassic era and are the largest fish in the ocean, but we still don't know much about these gentle giants of the ocean. However, that could soon change thanks to Samantha Reynolds from the University of Queensland and her satellite tracking geo-tags! DIY - SPROUT HOUSE: Join junior scientist Amelia as she explores what seeds need to thrive by building her very own sprout house. INSIDE MUSEUM SCIENCE: Associate Professor Mark Stevens and Dr Kate Sparks from the South Australian Museum show us why preserving flora and fauna in museums is so important. UV FROGS: The world's frog populations are in danger because of a fungal infection. Nic Lundsgaard from the University of Queensland is on the case to find out more about the fungus and how climate change may be contributing. All that and more on a biologically fascinating episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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