9:06 | Personal and social capability

The Pen Licence


Nine-year-old Tiana knows it will take a miracle to get her pen licence. However, between upstrokes and crossbars, Tiana soon realises it's not about being perfect, but is persistence really enough? Classroom activities: Discuss as a whole class, or in a small group: What specific goals did the students need to achieve to get their pen license? How did they know what these goals were? Why did they have to reach these goals before they could use a pen in the classroom? How did Tiana refocus when she found herself getting distracted? What are some goals we might try to achieve in our class? Turn and talk with a partner or in a group of three: Describe a time when you had to try really hard to achieve a goal. Did you reach your goal? Why or why not? Are you trying to achieve a special goal at the moment, either at home or at school? Describe how you feel when you achieve a goal. Explain how it makes you feel when others achieve a goal, but you haven’t been successful. Explain how you can motivate yourself to keep trying after failing to reach a goal. Individual task: On a piece of card or paper, write down one goal you would like to achieve by the end of the year. Explain why you want to achieve this goal and list at least three things you will do to help you achieve this goal. Place it on your desk or somewhere where you will see it every day. Eg; “My goal is to learn my 7 times tables. I will try to achieve this by 1) Using flash cards every morning 2) Playing a times table game on the computer once a week 3) Writing them down twice a week”

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