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3:40 | Published 2 months ago

Opinion polls explained


Opinion Polls The recent federal election has many people asking big questions about opinion polls. They've been used for nearly 200 years to get an idea of how the public feels about their leaders but recently there've been some big votes around the world with very different results to what the opinion polls predicted. We look at how polls work and why they might be less accurate than they used to be. Mabo Legacy Next week is Reconciliation Week - a time to think about the shared history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-indigenous Australians. The week ends with Mabo Day on June 3, which celebrates the life and work of Eddie Mabo who fought to disprove terra nullius, the idea Australia was unoccupied before European colonisation. We look at the life and legacy of Mabo. Flu Season As the weather gets cooler, medical experts are warning people to get vaccinated to avoid getting the flu. They say this season has already been a particularly bad one. We find out what the flu is and how vaccinations can help to protect us. Underwater Research Scientists have been exploring the deep water off the coast of Tasmania and examining the fascinating creatures that live there. But before they did, they went to a local school to teach students about the weird world of the deep. Icy Adventure We meet two brothers, Monty and Ziggy, who have just come back from an epic overseas challenge. They set out to cross-country ski across the arctic, even though they'd never skied before!

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