Indigenous Australians
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At a loss for words? Expand your vocabulary with these unique terms from some of Australia's 300 Indigenous languages.

Personal and social capability
Life lessons with Bluey

Meet the poster puppy of unstructured play, as Bluey and her family and friends explore their world through games at home or discoveries outside the house.

Why don't refugees Go Back?

In October 2018 eight Australians with conflicting views on asylum seekers went back to where those refugees came from. Join them on a journey of intercultural and ethical understanding of war.

The migration of the Working Class Boy

Discover what inspired migrants to move to Australia in the 1960s and the challenges they faced here, as Jimmy Barnes shares the compelling story of his family's emigration.

Biology experiments for primary students

Biology is the study of life and how living things work. Find out on how to create models of the human body and create a herbarum with these biology activities.

Chemistry experiments for primary students

Whether you prefer your lava flowing down a mountain or bubbling in a lamp, try some of these awesome Scope chemical science DIY experiments with your students and reveal how different substances react to one another.

Physics experiments for primary students

Physics is the science that explores the laws and forces that govern the universe. Bring out the boffins in your class with these experiments and reveal how it all works.

Vitamins and the supplement industry

Critique the "sense and nonsense" of the global $100 billion vitamin and supplement industry with Derek Muller in Vitamania. Then test your students' knowledge of the importance of vitamins in our diets, and the history of the business.

Health and PE
Beach safety for secondary students

Sun, sand and surf. Just because we're having fun doesn't mean we can forget about safety. Rip currents account for 80 percent of beach rescues, and can be dangerous or deadly if you don't know what to do. Learn to stay safe with Bondi Rescue.