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February 7, 2021  |  Nine

Straight to the Point COVID-19 is not only a dangerous respiratory disease, it also messes with our heads. Just when we start to applaud the fact we're bringing it under control, it breaks free and causes chaos. This week it has been Perth and Melbourne's turn to face the consequences. But on 60 Minutes, a sight to make all Australians smile with relief. For the first time we're taking you inside the Melbourne facility where 50 million doses of coronavirus vaccine are starting to be produced. As Sarah Abo reports, just getting to the point of having workable vaccines has been an enormous and impressive undertaking, and proof of the brilliance of scientists - including many Australians - all over the world. This story includes the latest news on plans to roll out the vaccine to Australians from health department boss, Professor Brendan Murphy, as well as an Australian exclusive interview with US infectious diseases expert, Dr Anthony Fauci. Power of Attorney He may no longer be US president, but Donald Trump can't stop making headlines. In the next few days he goes on trial in the US Senate charged with inciting his supporters' rampage on the Capitol building last month. But while the world was shocked by the shameful attack on democracy, Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, wasn't surprised at all. In fact two years ago he predicted it. Cohen used to be the Donald's closest ally but ended up an enemy, and in prison, when he took the fall for covering up Trump's affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. And now, in an extraordinary interview with Tara Brown, filmed while he serves the remainder of his sentence under house arrest in New York, Cohen is happy to spill all of his old boss's dirty secrets. WHO in Wuhan Despite enduring the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year, there are still multitrillion-dollar questions the world needs answered. Most importantly, how and why it began? Up until now China has been reluctant to help, hindering efforts to determine the truth about the disease. But in the last few days, the World Health Organization has finally been allowed to send experts to Wuhan to investigate. And already there's been significant progress, including by an Aussie doctor on the team who has been able to contact and interview the first known case of COVID-19, patient zero. The Devil Wears Dior: Update There has been an enormous response to Tom Steinfort's investigation last week into the accused Australian con-woman, Melissa Caddick. Not only have New South Wales Police been inundated with sightings of the missing 49-year-old millionaire, this week on 60 Minutes Steinfort also reveals details of an explosive leaked document which shows more of Caddick's alleged misdeeds.

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