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60 Minutes

June 7, 2020  |  Nine

Mad as Hell Just who is hoodwinking who? There's no doubt coronavirus COVID-19 has caused great uncertainty in the world, but does that mean we should now ignore the scientists, doctors and even politicians who are fighting to figure out ways to beat the virus? Well yes, if you believe an increasing number of increasingly angry people who are convinced coronavirus is nothing more than a sinister plot to control their lives. But what do these conspiracy theorists know that we don't, and why do so many people listen to them? Liz Hayes speaks with Australians, including the controversial celebrity Pete Evans, who are sick of being told what to do by the government and other authorities. Evans tells Hayes he fears for his safety and thinks he could be targeted because he's so outspoken. Ominously he warns, "If I disappear or I have a fricking weird accident, it wasn't an accident, okay?" Jesse Jackson Sadly, the explosion of violence and unrest in the US this past week is nothing new. And no-one knows that better than the Reverend Jesse Jackson. These days he is America's most revered civil rights leader. In the 1960s he protested against injustice alongside Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and tragically witnessed his assassination. In the 1980s Jackson twice ran for the American presidency. He was unsuccessful, but in an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes, Liam Bartlett asks Jesse Jackson to dream about what the US would be like today if he had been elected. Poisoned For any parent, the first cry of their newborn child is the most anticipated and glorious sound imaginable. It certainly was for Benish and Danial Khan when their daughter Amelia came into the world at a Sydney hospital. Within minutes of being born though, everything changed and the baby was fighting for her life. But it wasn't because she was unhealthy. There had been a catastrophic bungle at the hospital. Unknown to the doctors and nurses, when they gave Amelia what they thought was oxygen to help her breathing, they were in fact poisoning her with another gas. On assignment for 60 Minutes, Nine News reporter Chris O'Keefe investigates an unforgiveable case of medical negligence.

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