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August 9, 2020  |  Nine

The Experiment Identical twins are beautiful quirks of nature, perfect genetic copies of each other with a bond so close many believe they're telepathic. Understandably, twins, and even rarer identical triplets, have been magnets for curious scientists trying to answer that profound question: Is it nature or nurture that determines who we are? But one well-known psychiatrist in the US became so obsessed by his research he engineered a truly heartless experiment. Peter Neubauer separated sets of identical twins and triplets at birth and studied them as they grew up apart. Incredibly they never even knew their siblings existed. But this doctor's cruelty was finally exposed when decades later - in a one in a million chance - Edward Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran found each other and discovered an unbelievable truth. Includes interview footage from Tim Wardle's Three Identical Strangers. Buyer Beware Here's an incredible, not to mention shameful, statistic about Australia's building industry. Eighty-five percent of new high-rise apartment towers are defective. The rate of shoddy workmanship has increased dramatically as governments around the country have encouraged more developers to build more high-density housing as a way of containing urban sprawl. As a result, many unsuspecting buyers, trying to put a roof over their heads, are learning a painful lesson: that the cost of cutting corners is very expensive. But as Sarah Abo reports, there is one man determined to fix all the damage.

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