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60 Minutes

July 26, 2020  |  Nine

Mary Trump The president of the United States is often referred to as the most powerful man in the world. But Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump says the current POTUS is really the most dangerous man in the world. She is so troubled by Trump's abuse of his position that she says it's her patriotic duty to take him down. And to do that she has written a brutal tell-all memoir. As Liam Bartlett discovers in an Australian television exclusive interview, the book is the ultimate insider's account of a truly dysfunctional family. But it has added substance because Dr Mary Trump is also a clinical psychologist. Her analysis of how her Uncle Don became Uncle Sam is not just a page-turner, it's a horror story. What Now? For more than six months coronavirus COVID-19 has proven to be a sneaky and formidable opponent. However, Australians were doing well in the battle, and up until a few weeks ago the national plan to combat the virus by suppressing, but not necessarily eradicating it, seemed to be working. What's now happening in Victoria though is not only a grim reminder of how easy it is for the disease to spiral out of control, it's a call to rethink our strategy about how to fight it. Most of the debate is about whether to stick with suppression or leap to elimination, to try to rid the country of the virus once and for all. But Liz Hayes reports that, as controversial as it is, there is also another way. Enemy of the State: Update Federal MP Bob Katter and University of Queensland philosophy student Drew Pavlou make an unlikely duo. But they formed an alliance after Katter watched last week's 60 Minutes and saw the treatment dished out to Pavlou by his university. The 21-year-old student was the organiser of a pro-democracy rally on campus which turned violent when Chinese communist thugs attacked him. But instead of cracking down on the unruly mob, the UQ punished Pavlou. Following the 60 Minutes story Drew Pavlou was overwhelmed with support, most notably from Katter, who tells Tom Steinfort he's so angry he is now demanding a parliamentary inquiry into foreign interference at all Australian universities.

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