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April 19, 2020  |  Nine

Time's Up No-one should ever be surprised by how often greed and stupidity become intimate companions. Cassandra Sainsbury certainly isn't. Three years ago, 'Cocaine Cassie' as we've come to know her, was locked up in a Colombian prison for attempting to smuggle almost 6kg of the drug out of the country. As well as incarceration, her punishment included lashings of public ridicule for being so foolish. Cassie Sainsbury has now been freed, and a new woman has emerged from the cells. In an exclusive interview for 60 Minutes she tells Liam Bartlett she's stronger, wiser and determined to remedy her mistakes Made in China The true cost of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the loss of life and the economic devastation, is incalculable. But what can be counted is the money governments around the world have already spent trying to combat it. So far it adds up to a staggering six and a half trillion dollars. In a class action launched in the United States, China is now being sued to get the money back. The lawsuit accuses Chinese authorities of negligence, lies and cover-ups. In the UK, there are similar calls for compensation to be paid. And as Tara Brown reports, even here in Australia there are demands the communist regime face a Nuremberg-style hearing to investigate its role in this human disaster. The Vaccine Wars What the world needs right now, and what many brilliant minds are devoted to discovering, is the know-how to stop COVID-19. A few days ago, an Australian company announced it hoped to begin human trials of a vaccine within weeks. But in other countries, especially China and the United States, developing - and owning - a coronavirus vaccine has become a bio-tech arms race with political overtones. Tom Steinfort reports there are fears any victories in this battle for scientific supremacy will also be seen as triumphs in the ongoing tussle for 21st century superpower domination.

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