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60 Minutes

October 4, 2020  |  Nine

No Second Prize In the US presidential race there's no second prize for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It's victory or nothing! With so much riding on the result, it's not surprising the campaign has become so personal and incredibly vicious. The candidates' nastiness, as well as their lack of respect for each other, was abundantly clear when they met for the first presidential debate a few days ago. Insults flew faster and further than any talk of policies and promises. It is a great shame for an already deeply divided country and further complicated by the shock news the president and first lady have both been diagnosed with coronavirus COVID-19. On assignment for 60 Minutes, Nine News US correspondent Alexis Daish reports that reuniting the US will be a near impossible task for whoever wins. The Big Smoke The flames of last summer's apocalyptic bushfires are well and truly embedded in the memories of all Australians. But what scientists have now discovered is that it was actually the smoke from the blazes that caused the greatest human loss. For weeks and weeks, vast swathes of the country were choked in a suffocating haze of highly polluted air. It led to a staggering toll. More than 400 deaths, as well as 4000 hospital admissions, have been directly attributed to the bushfire smoke. As Tara Brown reports, everyone hopes this year's fire season will be less severe, but unless the insidious health threat posed by smoke is fully understood, more lives will be at risk.

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