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60 Minutes

August 23, 2020  |  Nine

Party Games It's no surprise that politics is a dirty business, but rarely do we see just how grubby it is. An exception was two months ago when 60 Minutes, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age exposed the ALP's faceless man, Adem Somyurek, as a bully and a misogynist. As a result of reporter Nick McKenzie's story, Somyurek was immediately expelled from the ALP and two other Victorian ministers resigned from their portfolios. Now McKenzie has turned his attention to the other side of politics, where he's discovered it's also not immune to dodgy dealing and dubious behaviour. The Good Doctor You know these are strange days indeed when an immunologist, albeit a very good one, becomes a household name. But that's exactly what has happened to Dr Anthony Fauci. His expertise in fighting the coronavirus pandemic has made him a hero to many, but not his boss, the US president. Talk about shooting the messenger - Donald Trump continually undermines his chief scientific adviser, calling him alarmist, and scoffing when the doctor urges caution about reopening the economy. But Dr Fauci's not worried. Instead he's getting on with trying to beat COVID-19. In an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes, he shares important news with Tara Brown about the race for a vaccine and the way Australia is tackling this nightmare. Despicable Him If every mention of your name was preceded by the word 'conman', you'd probably realise what a despicable person you are. For Peter Foster, that's been his lot in life for more than three decades. But in June, 60 Minutes reported how Foster was more than a career fraudster with accusations he had attempted to hire a hitman to take out one of his enemies. On Thursday there was a welcome development in the case. A police investigation into Foster's nefarious activities led to his arrest on the idyllic sands of a Port Douglas beach, and only 60 Minutes was there to catch the dramatic moment.

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