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November 22, 2020  |  Nine

Terminal Hell Qatar is a small but wealthy country in the Persian Gulf. It promotes itself as a modern and progressive state that welcomes and respects foreign visitors. But that's far from the truth. In reality Qatar is a dangerous destination, especially for western women. Even transiting through its international airport is risky. As Sarah Abo reports, the problem is a culture of entrenched misogyny, which seven weeks ago resulted in an appalling incident where a large group of women, including 13 Australians, were snatched off flights and physically violated by Qatari authorities. For the first time one of the victims, a brave young woman from Victoria, tells of her nightmare at Doha International Airport. And the story of how she was assaulted is so unbelievable that not only will it outrage all Australians, it's sure to make people reassess future travel to or via Qatar. A Few Bad Men The shame brought upon the entire country by a few bad men from our military's special forces is a brutal truth Australians now have no choice but to handle. On Thursday the findings of a four-year-long Australian Defence Force inquiry into the war in Afghanistan were released. The report detailed shocking crimes, including murders, allegedly committed by men who were supposed to be our best-trained, most elite soldiers. What's staggering is the scale of the wrongdoing - 39 potentially unlawful deaths including Afghan civilians and children. Nick McKenzie has been at the forefront of the reporting of this story for three years. In an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes he asks the chief of army, Lieutenant General Rick Burr, to explain how this disaster was ever allowed to happen, and how far up the chain of command responsibility for it should rest. McMaster Class Just when we thought our relationship with China couldn't get any worse, Beijing has delivered Australia another punch. It's in the form of a list of 14 grievances it has with us and is polished off with an almighty threat: if you make an enemy of China, China will be the enemy! When that belligerence is combined with the upheaval of a new administration in Washington, it's clear we are facing a dangerous new world order, and the Pacific is likely to be an especially vulnerable region. For the best analysis of what the immediate future might hold, Tom Steinfort speaks with HR McMaster, a highly respected military man and former US national security adviser. But his expert assessment includes a grim warning. Australia, he reckons, has a battle on its hands. Game of Thrones: Update Everyone knows royal scandals rarely end well. But on 60 Minutes we have an unlikely exception. A few weeks ago, Liam Bartlett reported the dirty little secret of the Belgian royal family: that the former king, Albert the second, had had an 18-year affair and fathered a love child. His illegitimate daughter, Delphine Boel, kept quiet for years until she decided she had a right to be called a princess. When she took her case to court - and won - there was enormous embarrassment in the palace. But now in this intriguing game of thrones comes an unexpected rapprochement, and maybe even a fairytale ending.

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