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The Great Australian Cookbook

Alla Wolf-Tasker and Rodney Dunn  |  Season 1  |  Episode 11  |  Lifestyle Channel

We meet creator of fine dining institution the Lake House in Daylesford, Victoria, Alla Wolf-Tasker. Alla is widely regarded as being responsible for bringing fine dining to regional Australia with her award-winning, industry respected establishment Lakehouse. Alla prepares her famous Lakehouse-inspired Rivers and Lakes Share Platter recipe. Playing homage to local ingredients, Alla sources her inspiration and produce from the surrounding region for the elegant dish. Alla reveals her European inspiration for the Lakehouse, and its story from humble beginnings to world-renowned fame. Lakehouse is a family business and Alla sits down in stunning surroundings with her husband, daughter and son-in-law to take a moment to reflect on all they have achieved at this iconic establishment. The platter is a true restaurant dish and, with the help of Alla's numerous tips and thoughtful instruction, viewers can impress their guests or just be impressed themselves when they whip up this special dish. From Daylesford down to the Lachlan in Tasmania, an equally stunning backdrop introduces the chef's cook Rodney Dunn from the Agrarian Kitchen. A stunning working farm and cooking school, this is where many of Australia's top chefs go to relax. Using produce from the farm, Rodney bakes a rhubarb and berry crumble with goats milk and vanilla custard for his young family. A 'tree-change' and a life dream realised saw Rodney and his wife Severine build a dream from very humble beginnings with the Agrarian Kitchen. Following Rodney's philosophy of taking food from the source right through to the plate, this beautiful recipe is a hit with the whole family. With his young son as sous chef, Rodney uses the freshest of ingredients for the crumble, finishing it off with beautiful homemade custard. A recipe not to be missed.

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The Great Australian Cookbook

Frank Camorra and Clayton Donovan  |  Season 1  |  Episode 10  |  Lifestyle Channel

King of Spanish cuisine, and creator of iconic restaurant chain Movida, Frank Camorra heads to Geelong to the home he grew up in, and his mum's kitchen, where he first learnt to cook. He may be a world-class chef, but his mum still bosses him around the kitchen and questions his cooking methods when he tackles some traditional Spanish fare - tortilla de patatas and asadillo salad. Whether it's in the shed trying home-cured jamon with his dad or reminiscing with his mum, this story is packed with hints and tips, and stories from Frank's upbringing, early cheffing days and the journey to the opening of Movida. Heading up to the North Coast of NSW to Nambucca Heads and the banks of the Nambucca River, we meet Indigenous powerhouse Clayton Donovan and his daughter Roxy. Sampling Nambucca River oysters, an ingredient close to his heart, Clayton whips up oysters with finger lime, carrot foam and avocado cream. Jamming in as many native ingredients as possible, Clayton reveals his journey to opening the first and only hatted Indigenous restaurant in Australia, The Jaaning Tree, and what led to his decision to throw in the restaurant and concentrate on pop-up restaurants showcasing native ingredients. Heading down to beautiful Shelly Beach with his wife and kids, Clayton cooks up family favourite kangaroo san choi bao in a pan on the sand, showcasing how versatile and tasty native ingredients can be. Highlighting the beauty and simplicity of the Australian landscape and Australian ingredients, this is a cook not to be missed.

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The Great Australian Cookbook

Ross O'meara and Anna Polyviou  |  Season 1  |  Episode 9  |  Lifestyle Channel

Chef turned food producer Ross O'Meara brings us to his farm on the beautiful Bruny Island in Tasmania. The family man shares his recipe for slow-roasted pork shoulder with mustard and greens. Every ingredient on the plate is locally and sustainably produced: the mustard is handmade from a recipe Ross has spent over a decade perfecting; the pork was raised on Ross's farm; and even the greens were swapped for produce from a farmer nearby. Ross reveals the story of how, as a young chef, working his way through the ranks in Europe, he 'tree-changed' to a farmer's life in Tasmania. He shares his philosophy of food and family and the legacy he is building for his young children. Heading back up north to the busy inner city of Sydney, punk pastry chef Anna Polyviou - head pastry chef of the Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney - whips up an impressive summer trifle with tropical fruits. Cooking for her food family - her staff - in her city apartment, Anna shares how close she is to her team and how they go about creating some of the most interesting desserts to be found on Australian tables. Anna shares some of the history that makes her one of Australia's most unique and interesting chefs. From the spiky hair and the fancy shoes to her collaborations with DJs and special events, Anna reveals some of her background and what makes her tick. Inviting her staff into her home to celebrate desserts, Anna shares some tips on how to take the humble trifle to a whole new level.

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The Great Australian Cookbook

Merle Parrish and Peter Gilmore  |  Season 1  |  Episode 8  |  Lifestyle Channel

CWA legend and grandmother Merle Parrish reveals some of her baking secrets when her entire extended family gathers at her home in Cudal, NSW, for an afternoon tea of Anzac biscuits and pavlova. With a long-time love of competition baking and countless awards to show off, as well as numerous cookbooks under her belt, Merle is the undisputed queen of home cooking. Merle shares the origins of her love of cooking, plus some handy time-tested tips as well as the love she has for large family in this heart-warming story. Heading to Sydney, culinary genius and the gentleman of Australian fine dining, Peter Gilmore shares a Sunday night favourite recipe, Korean chicken soup. Peter shares the secrets for the perfect balance of flavours that makes simple cooking a flavour sensation. Normally media shy, Peter opens his home and his kitchen to share his love of gardening and sourcing unique ingredients for his iconic restaurants Quay and Bennelong. As the legend behind two of the country's top restaurants, Peter shares the philosophy behind the restaurants and what it's like to cook in one of the nation's most iconic buildings, the Sydney Opera House. From his early days of cooking to his countless awards and accolades, Peter passes on some of his food knowledge and food philosophy before sitting down to this heart-warming dish with his wife.

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The Great Australian Cookbook

Ronni Kahn and Paul West  |  Season 1  |  Episode 7  |  Lifestyle Channel

Sydney founder of OzHarvest Ronni Kahn lets us in on how and why she started her Australia-wide charity. Ronni explains OzHarvest's very simple philosophy of taking excess food from supermarkets, restaurants and other food suppliers and delivering it to people in need. The trucks leave the depot empty each morning, fill up with unwanted food, deliver the food to organisations that offer support to people in need and return empty again at the end of the day. Ronni's team is like a second family and she cooks up a meal for them that's very close to her heart her mother's veggie lasagne. Packed full of goodness, the recipe encapsulates Ronni's food philosophy that no person should go hungry, and that each and every one of us has an obligation to do what we can to stop hunger in Australia. Then, we introduce the host of River Cottage Australia, Paul West, and his young family. Beautifully set on the South Coast of NSW, the self-proclaimed food philosopher gets back to nature with an outdoor cook-up of braised wild rabbit with salami and warrigal greens. Packed with loads of tips on how to take outdoor cooking to the next level, Paul catches his rabbits, prepares them and cooks them among the beautiful backdrop of Mystery Bay. We learn about the roots of his food philosophy, his travels around the world, early cheffing days and desire now to grow and eat sustainably. Paul finishes off his dish with a simple and tasty flat bread with rosemary and sea salt before sitting down with the family for one of life's great pleasures: enjoying food with those we love.

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The Great Australian Cookbook

Matt Wilkinson and Simmone Logue  |  Season 1  |  Episode 6  |  Lifestyle Channel

Owner of Melbourne dining institution Pope Joan is Matt Wilkinson. The likely lad turned family man lets us in on some of the recipes that help him share his love of food with his young family. A strong believer in food being shared around the table, and the sense of family that it brings, Matt cooks up pesto pasta. Not one of his favourites by any stretch, as he has named his dish I Hate Pesto, but a definite success story and favourite when presented to his kids at the table. After dinner, Matt whips up a family favourite, mango and coconut ice blocks, proving kids' treats can be easy, healthy and tasty. Matt's down-to-earth nature, his food philosophy and love of being a family man shine though in this quintessential Melbourne story. The NSW Blue Mountains and stunning Oberon are the country home of catering queen Simmone Logue. The former prima ballerina and now owner of the hugely successful Simmone Logue Fine Food Company started her career with a bowl, a wooden spoon and $5 in her pocket. Fast forward to today and Simmone's biggest clients are some of the largest brands in Australia. Simmone owns the stunning property Essington Park with her siblings, Joey and Andy, all equally food obsessed. In this story, Simmone shares her rustic recipe for a six-hour slow-roasted lamb shoulder with sage potatoes and charred red capsicums. A weekend winner, this recipe just makes you want to curl up by the fire with a glass of wine, listen to Simmone's stories of her rich and interesting life, and enjoy this Australian twist on the classic lamb roast.

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The Great Australian Cookbook

Victor and Evelyn Liong and Nick Holloway  |  Episode 4  |  Lifestyle Channel

Siblings Victor and Evelyn Liong, of Lee Ho Fook in Melbourne, return to their parent's home for a family dinner and share an old-time favourite, sweet and sour pork. In the Liong family, the recipe was reserved for special occasions, especially birthdays, and conjures up memories of sibling banter and festive occasions for Victor and Ev. When Victor decided to open his own restaurant, the chef had no idea what he was getting into. Very quickly he realised he needed to convince his sister Ev to come on board to help him run front of house. Fast forward a few years and Lee Ho Fook is serving up clever Asian food with a modern twist in a modern, edgy space. The food may be new-age, but the heart comes from the Liong family and part two of this episode sees the whole family back around the table, enjoying traditional Chinese food and each other's company. Part two also introduces the tropical wizard Nick Holloway. Chef and owner of Nu Nu in Palm Cove, Queensland, Nick invites his family and friends over for a huge feast of wood-roasted reef fish with pineapple curry. In one of the most epic cooks of the entire series, Nick demonstrates he does nothing in life or in cooking by halves. While bashing out his own curry paste and homemade coconut cream, Nick shares his food wisdom, history and a wok-load full of tips on preparing fish and making curry. A celebration of everything Far North Queensland has to offer, from the scenery to the produce and the lifestyle, Nick's cook of a beautiful reef fish in his impressive, enviable outdoor kitchen is not one to be missed.

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