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Gun Control Debate The gun debate is big news again in the US after two deadly shootings in early August. The US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world and the right to bear arms is guaranteed in its constitution. Some say that's contributing to gun violence and that the US should bring in tighter controls on guns. We look at the debate in the US and the history of gun control here in Australia. Supermarket Collectable Controversy Supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths recently started new collectable campaigns and many kids around Australia are searching for the ultimate Ooshie or Little Shop toy. But not everyone is a fan of the promotions. We meet some young people who say the toys are giving kids the wrong message about plastic pollution. Science Lessons This week is Science Week and the theme is Destination Moon, to coincide with last month's 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. It got us thinking about all the other scientific breakthroughs that've been made since 1969 and the things kids were taught at school back then that are no longer true. We look at some of the big science lessons we've learned since 1969 and how they've changed the world. Braille Books A school for kids who are blind or vision impaired in Adelaide was frustrated with the lack of braille books for students, so it's started making its own! Volunteers help to emboss the books and add tactile pictures. We meet some of the students who are enjoying the books and find out more about braille. Koala Carer We meet a young Aussie who spends her spare time caring for her favourite animal - koalas! Libby is worried that the iconic native animals are at risk of disappearing and she didn't want to wait until she was older to do something about it.

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