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Fire Season It’s been a terrible start to spring for many communities in NSW and Queensland where bushfires have destroyed homes and property. While fires aren’t unusual in Australia, experts say these ones have hit way earlier than usual, in places that aren’t usually affected by fire. We find out more about this terrible start to fire season and how some kids are getting ready for the hot weather to come. Fish Rescue A mass fish rescue is underway right now in the Darling River in NSW. Native species are being caught and relocated to other parts of the river or to fish hatcheries to try to prevent what the State’s environment minister has described as a potential fish “Armageddon”. Many are worried, when summer comes, we’ll see another mass fish die-off caused by blue green algae. We find out more about what’s happening to the health of Australia’s biggest river system. E-cigarette Warning Most young Aussies know about the dangers of smoking, but there are worries that there’s a growing number of young people using e-cigarettes or vaping. While they were originally marketed as being a safer alternative to cigarettes, recently there’ve been a few cases of people getting sick after vaping and even some deaths overseas. We find out more. Peace Games It’s not very often that 11-year-olds are asked to prevent wars and solve big economic, social and environmental crises, but this week that’s exactly what some South Australia kids are being asked to do. They’re taking part in the World Peace Game - a very different sort of board game developed by a US educator who’s on a mission to prove that kids can make great diplomats. Magpie Season It’s that time of year again - when school yards and streets are menaced by swooping magpies! We find out why magpies attack and what you can do to protect yourself.

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