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3…2…1…BLAST OFF! Join Lee on this brand new episode of Scope as we head off to explore some science that is out of this world! We learn all about the biological problems involved with long-term space travel, we make our very own nebulas and we see how the planets in our solar system measure up! Model Solar System Our solar system is a lot bigger than you might think! To demonstrate the astronomically large distances between the planets in our solar system, Samuel Hinton and Dr Janie Hoormann from the University of Queensland have set up their very own model solar system spanning an entire university campus! Space Medicine The human body goes through immense changes once it leaves earth’s gravitational field! Dr Marc Jurblum from St Vincent’s Hospital walks us through the biological challenges associated with long-term space travel! DIY – Nebula Saduni and Emma from Endeavour College learn all about the astronomical phenomena of nebulas my making their very own model in a jar! Mars Mapping How do you take a photo of something 54.6 million kilometres away? Well, as Dr Eriita Jones from the University of South Australia explains, all it takes are some satellites, a lot of time and a little astronomical know how. Satellite Systems Satellites are an integral part of our modern world. Join Dr Matt Tetlow from the University of Adelaide as he explains how do these modern mechanical marvels work and how we get them into space! All that and more on an astronomical episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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