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Got You Covered: Super-sheds Protecting High-value Horticultural Crops Massive structures with retractable walls and roof panels are being used to provide permanent protection for high-value crops. The Canadian-designed sheds are a game changer for fruit and vegetable growers with crop protection now being measured in hectares, not square metres. Heywire! Bringing Youth From Regional Australia Together In Canberra Heywire is five days of high-energy youthful enthusiasm. For two decades, the ABC Rural initiative has seen youth from across Australia collaborating on ideas to help drive social and economic development in regional communities. Access to education, the internet, drug addiction, mental health and juvenile justice were just some of the subjects tackled at this year's summit in Canberra. Bush Ingenuity: The Women Running Unusual Businesses From Remote Western Queensland A couple of big-thinking women from remote western Queensland have not let isolation get in the way of their success. Amidst one of the worst droughts on record, these rural entrepreneurs sowed the seeds of their business ideas, and with hard work and modern telecommunications are proving they can take on the world. Rural News A look at rural issues making the news this week. Markets Report Tim Lane from Herron Todd White speaks to Kerry about the rise in rural property values.

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