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Pastured Chickens/Write Stuff/Cutting Through/Postcode Blues  |  ABC

Pastured Chickens A farmer who spent several years working in sustainable agricultural policy at federal level is now pursuing his dream of putting innovative principles into practice. His award-winning family run farm takes a 'regenerative' approach to farming that aims to produce food which is good for the animal, good for the land and good for the plate. Write Stuff Rural romance novels - 'lust in the dust' - set on farms and stations in the outback have been a phenomenon in Australian fiction in recent years. But there's a new trend for authors championing our regional towns, and the familiarity of small-town living is really connecting with readers. Cutting Through A low-volume livestock producer started his own abattoir when he couldn't obtain the standard of service he expected from existing providers. Now, his abattoir and meat processing works employs five people, and provides a custom service to similar minded farmers invested in the way their livestock is processed. Postcode Blues Sharing a postcode with a densely populated urban centre almost 200km away is a cause of frustration for the residents of one rural region in Queensland. Farmers find it inhibits their ability to attract necessary backpacker workers, while other residents say it impacts on everything from increased insurance premiums to accessing government services.

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