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Four Corners

Rise Of The Trolls  |  ABC

The digital revolution has transformed our world. Never in human history have we been more connected to each other in ways that would have seemed unimaginable only a decade ago. But with the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and a smartphone in virtually every pocket, the internet bullies known as trolls are only ever a click, tap or swipe away. Instead of bringing people together, trolls use the internet to target those they disagree with by provoking, harassing and threatening them. On Monday night Four Corners takes you into the dark side of the internet to explore the rise of cyber trolls. Many trolls go to great lengths to try and hide their identity and as the program explores, psychiatrists believe this is helping to propel the appalling behaviour. One self-proclaimed hardcore troll outlines the trolling landscape and boasts about his extensive conquests, all while hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. And some of the trolls are not who you'd expect. We meet Britain's most notorious troll, jailed for sending threatening tweets, and a campaigner in Canada as he goes on trial after a confrontation on Twitter. The prosecution of trolls raises uncomfortable questions about how far our commitment to freedom of expression goes. Activists are warning of an Orwellian future of thought police.

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