15:46 | History

For the Juniors

Working Animals - Working Horses  |  Season 1  |  Episode 1  |  ABC ME

This program explores some historical and modern day work roles for horses. Four different horses are observed working with their handlers. The programs look at the physical and mental characteristics of horses that help them in their work and the way handlers value their horses and communicate with them. Through the use of historic footage and photos the program looks at life before cars and shows why some ways of using working horses have changed from the past to the present day and that horses are still bettter than machines for some forms of work. The program also explains and demonstrates some basic safety rules that should be observed when around horses. The lives of working animals are explored in these two episodes. Programs highlight the special features of animals that can make them more suited to certain tasks than people or machines and that, like all good working relationships, these ones are based on clear communication and mutual respect. For the Juniors, for students aged 6-8 years, aims to stimulate children's curiosity and imagination, widen their horizons and encourage them to explore their environment, present enjoyable experiences which relate broadly to the lives and interests of the children and raise issues. Each series is arranged in groups of programs relating to a particular theme.

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