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Enemy of the State?  |  SBS

Turkish journalist Can Duendar has recently been shot at, then sentenced to six years in prison for revealing state secrets. Dateline speaks to him about what he describes as an attack on freedom of speech in Turkey. "It's a dangerous game to be a journalist in Turkey," he tells Dateline's Geoff Parish in an interview recorded shortly before his sentencing. Duendar is Editor in Chief of influential newspaper Cumhuriyet and a strong critic of the government. "We have a president that hates criticism," he says. "He tries to give the idea that if you criticise me, you will be in jail. And the others keep their silence, that's the chilling effect." Dateline is also able to get access to more of those fighting to speak out, including a TV executive already in prison and an outspoken former presenter facing a social media hate campaign. "Hoping Inshallah your body will be dismantled into tiny little pieces," Sedef Kabas reads in a tweet she received. The former host and panel guest has over 200,000 twitter followers. The backlash followed a tweet she posted in 2013 about an investigation into corruption that implicated government ministers. She was charged and faced 10 years in jail. Although acquitted, she won't be silenced. "There are hundreds of people being paid, getting salary, to write these posts," she says, believing they're written by supporters of the president's ruling AK Party. "There is escalating crackdown on free press."

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