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February 12, 2019  |  ABC Me

Fires and floods In the past few weeks people in different parts of Australia have been dealing with very different but very destructive natural disasters. In Tasmania bushfires have destroyed homes as well as huge areas of the native forest. Meanwhile Townsville is mopping up after major floods last week. Amelia had a look at these natural disasters and how they're affecting local kids. Extreme Weather Over the holidays we've heard a lot about extreme weather events, from the heatwaves that hit during Australia's hottest-ever January to a polar vortex which set temperatures plummeting in the US. Our new reporter, Martin, goes to find out more about the weather and whether we can expect more of this to come. Murray-Darling warning There are serious worries about the health of Australia's biggest river system - the Murray-Darling. Recently millions of fish died near the town of Menindee in NSW because of an outbreak of blue green algae caused by a lack of water flowing down the Darling. While the government blames the drought a new report from South Australia says more needs to be done to protect the rivers. Storm girl You might have seen the recent movie Storm Boy, about a kid that befriends a pelican. Well, this week we meet a real-life Storm Girl. 12-year-old rookie reporter Shalise tells us about her friendship with pelicans and the work that she's done to protect their homes. Symphony school Have you ever wondered what it takes to be part of an orchestra? A group of Australia's top young musicians have been finding out. During the holidays they took part in the Australian Youth Orchestra's National Music Camp, making music together and learning about how to make music a career.

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