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September 1, 2020  |  ABC Me

Border Debate There’s been some debate about the decision of many states and territories to shut their borders to try to stop the spread of COVID-19. While some experts say it’s an effective way to keep people safe, it’s having a big impact on families and businesses and some, including the Prime Minister, have called for State Premiers to ease restrictions. We look at the issue of border closures and find out why state governments sometimes have more power than the PM. Hay Fever Season Spring officially starts next week, which means warmer weather and for some, hay fever. It’s a bigger problem than usual this year because the cold-and-flu-like symptoms of hay fever could be mistaken for COVID-19. We find out more about hay fever and what you can do about it. Going Cashless For years now cards and phones have been replacing cash in Australia and around the world and experts say the trend is accelerating because of COVID-19. We find out about the advantages and disadvantages of ditching coins and notes and what affect it could have on Aussies. Taste Adventures The CSIRO has launched a new program called Food Adventurers to try to encourage Aussie primary school kids to eat more vegetables. Studies show that many still aren’t getting their five recommended serves a day and that’s partly because they don’t like the taste. We find out more about the science of taste and how we can learn to love the things that are good for us. COVID Catch-Up We meet 10-year-old Suzy from Melbourne who’s been putting her time in lockdown to good use. She’s created a newspaper called COVID-Catchup to share information, ideas and inspiration with other kids in her neighbourhood.

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August 18, 2020  |  ABC Me

Coping during COVID-19 While Victorians work to get their Coronavirus spike under control, there are worries about how their time in isolation could be affecting people’s mental health. BtN speaks to some young Melbournians about how the pandemic has affected them and get some useful advice from the experts at Kids Helpline. Mauritius Spill A massive clean-up operation is underway off the coast of Mauritius after a Japanese cargo ship ran aground on a reef and started leaking oil. Find out why that could be disastrous for the island nation and the people and animals who live there. Underwater Explorer BtN talks to aquanaut and ocean conservationist, Fabien Cousteau, about his plan to build the world’s most advanced underwater research station and find out why he and many others see the deep oceans as humanity’s next frontier of exploration. Dark Sky Sanctuary Recently, a part of the Swan Reach Recreation Park in South Australia was named as the country’s first International Dark Sky Reserve. BtN goes to Swan Reach to find out what that means, and why locals love living in a place with some of the world’s best stargazing. Stamp Collecting August is Stamp Collecting month - Australia Post’s annual celebration of a very old hobby. Learn about the history of stamps, why people collect them and why some of those little pieces of sticky paper are worth a lot of money!

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