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Interest Rates Last week Australia's interest rates were brought to an all-time low by the Reserve Bank. While that might not sound that interesting, it's something that could affect all of Australia. We find out why interest rates are so important and why the Reserve Bank thinks carefully before changing them. Tiananmen Square Anniversary Last week people around the world have marked the anniversary of a tragic event that happened in China 30 years ago. It's known as the Tiananmen Square massacre. But while it's famous in many countries, like Australia, the events of June 4, 1989, aren't talked about much by people in China. We find out more about what happened in Tiananmen Square and how it's remembered by Chinese people. Meditation We find out about a plan to make school a little more relaxing! In the last budget the government put money towards a program that teaches kids mindfulness and meditation. It's an ancient practice that, according to some experts, can have a big effect on your mental health. Camel Cuddles As far as pets go, camels might seem an unusual choice, but one family in Ipswich says their domestic dromedary is a great companion. They're encouraging other Aussies to adopt camels as a way of fighting Australia's feral pest problem. We find out more about Australia's wild camels and whether they could find a place in farmer's paddocks. Icy Adventure We meet two brothers, Monty and Ziggy, who have just come back from an epic overseas challenge. They set out to cross-country ski across the Arctic, even though they'd never skied before!

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