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February 26, 2019

Cyber Attacks There’s been a lot of talk about cyber safety in Australia after the computer networks of parliament and several political parties were broken into by overseas criminals. We look at what happened, what cybercrime is and what ordinary people can do to stay safe. Sports Pay Gap The heads of Australia’s biggest sporting organisations came together last week to release a plan which they reckon could be a world first. They want to work to reduce the pay gap between men and women in professional sport. We find out more about that pay gap and what’s being done to make sport fairer in Australia. Oscars History On Monday movie lovers around the world will be tuning in to Hollywood’s biggest night: the annual Academy Awards. We take a look back at the history of the awards and find out why they’re such a big deal, why they’re called the Oscars, and why they’re sometimes controversial. Space Clean-up Scientists and engineers have just taken a giant leap forward in the fight to clean up outer-space! A company from the UK has successfully tested a spacecraft designed to harpoon pieces of space junk so they can be pulled out of orbit. That’s really important because experts say space junk poses a serious and growing threat to humans in space and here on Earth. Circus Abyssinia Jack meets the young performers of Circus Abyssinia, Ethiopia’s first circus troupe. He finds out how the group got started and what it’s like to travel the world as a circus performer.

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