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Behind the News

March 5, 2019

Phone Ban Recently New South Wales became the first Aussie state to announce a ban on mobile phones in state primary schools. The government says it’s about keeping kids safe from online bullies and keeping them focused on their work, but not everyone agrees. Martin has a look at the mobile debate here in Australia and overseas and finds out what kids think about phones in schools. Women in Politics Next Friday is International Women’s Day, which is dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements and promoting gender equality around the world. To mark it, BTN is going to look back at the history of women in Australian politics - from the women who fought for the right to vote to our current female leaders and efforts to attract the next generation of women to politics. Palm Oil Zoos Victoria has announced it’s going to stop selling products that sell palm oil. It’s a type of oil that’s commonly used in many things, from chocolate to soap, but many conservationists say it’s having a big impact on orangutans, whose forest homes are often cut down for palm oil plantations. Rat Island Imagine trying to rid a whole island of rat! That was the big job that a group of scientists set themselves when they travelled to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean called Reiono. Carl went along to find out about the project and learn why introduced pests are such a problem. Breakdancing There were a lot of excited break-dancers last week when it was announced that it will probably be included in the 2024 Olympics Games! Jack goes to meet some young break-dancers to find out more about what it is, where it comes from, and why it deserves to be seen as a serious sport.

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